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BREAKING: Everytown Law Launches $3M Litigation Fund Dedicated to Advancing Gun Violence Prevention Through the Courts


Encouraging Applications From Small and Mid-Size Law Firms, Solo Practitioners, Law School Clinics and Legal Services Organizations 

Everytown Law: A Lack of Financial Resources Shouldn’t Prevent Gun Violence Survivors From Holding Reckless Actors Accountable

New York — Everytown Law, the largest team of litigators working full-time on advancing gun safety in the courts, part of Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, today announced the launch of the Everytown Law Fund, designed to support impact litigation that can help advance gun violence prevention. Everytown Law is especially interested in reviewing applications to support legal action seeking to address the impact of gun violence on disproportionately affected communities, including Black, Latino, and other communities of color.

Everytown Law is announcing an initial commitment of $3 million to the effort by the Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, and it is welcoming applications for litigation funding from smaller and mid-sized law firms, solo practitioners, and non-profit legal projects, including law school clinics and legal services organizations.
The Fund is intended to complement the gun violence prevention litigation work that many national law firms are already doing on a pro bono basis in partnership with Everytown Law and other leading gun violence prevention organizations.

“A lack of resources shouldn’t prevent gun violence survivors and their allies from holding reckless actors in the gun industry accountable,” said Eric Tirschwell, managing director for Everytown Law. “Where constitutional or other legal violations are contributing to gun violence, legal action may be the only remedy available. Even as we make major strides through our own impact litigation, we see tremendous untapped potential to advance gun safety through the courts. By making it easier for smaller and less resourced law firms to represent clients with cases that can have a broad impact, we expect this fund will start a new and important chapter in gun violence prevention.”

The Fund welcomes applications for litigation funding from attorneys and non-profit legal projects, including law school clinics, with a primary focus on the following categories of litigation:

  1. Claims seeking accountability for survivors of gun violence from potentially liable firearm manufacturers, distributors and retailers;
  2. Claims that product defects caused unintentional shootings;
  3. Claims based on unfair or deceptive marketing and/or sales practices;
  4. Challenges to laws that increase the risk of armed confrontation and gun violence;
  5. Lawsuits arising out of unjustified shootings or armed intimidation;
  6. Lawsuits seeking to compel state and local officials to enforce gun safety laws;
  7. Claims to compel disclosure of gun violence-related public records and data; and
  8. Appeals arising in any of the above categories of litigation.

Applications for litigation funding will be reviewed periodically based on established Fund guidelines and priorities. 

Granted applications may include funding for litigation fees and/or costs for law firms, solo practitioners, legal services organizations, and law school legal clinics. In certain cases, the Fund may provide other forms of support such as arrangements for mentoring assistance or co-counseling. The Fund will not seek repayment except for reimbursement when available from the proceeds of successful cases.