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Teens Buying Ghost Guns Online, with Deadly Consequences


Springfield, VA (WaPo) – The families of the two teens, with the help of the anti-gun-violence group Everytown for Gun Safety, are now suing the distributor of the parts Burkard used to make his ghost gun, 80P Builder of Florida, and the manufacturer, Polymer80 of Nevada, for gross negligence in providing a teenager with a weapon when he was not legally able to buy a handgun from a federally licensed dealer.

The case, those who track the weapons say, demonstrates a frightening phenomenon that has compounded the Biden administration’s struggles to rein in the soaring use of ghost guns in violent crimes: Teenagers have discovered the ease with which they can acquire the parts for a ghost gun, and they have been buying, building and shooting the homemade guns with alarming frequency. Everytown for Gun Safety compiled a list of more than 50 incidents involving teens and ghost guns since 2019.

More information regarding the specifics of this case can be found here.