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Everytown Law is pleased to announce the launch of the Everytown Law Fund (“The Fund”)*. The Fund provides support for impact litigation to advance the right of every person to be free from gun violence and to speak, work, learn, pray, assemble, protest, and vote without fear or intimidation.

The Everytown Law Fund is now accepting applications to fund a wide variety of litigation projects related to gun violence, including claims seeking accountability for survivors of gun violence from potentially liable firearm manufacturers, distributors and retailers, claims based on unfair or deceptive marketing and/or sales practices, challenges to laws that increase the risk of armed confrontation and gun violence, lawsuits arising out of unjustified shootings or armed intimidation, lawsuits seeking to compel state and local officials to enforce gun safety laws, and more.

The Fund is especially interested in reviewing applications to support legal action seeking to address the impact of gun violence on BIPOC and other disproportionately affected communities.

We welcome applications from smaller and mid-sized law firms, solo practitioners, and non-profit legal projects, including law school clinics and legal services organizations. We encourage applications from BIPOC, women, LGBTQ+, and disabled-led firms and NGOs.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed as they are submitted. Support provided by Everytown may include funding for litigation fees and costs of suit. In certain cases, Everytown Law may provide mentoring assistance or co-counseling. Please note that the Fund can only provide support for a limited number of cases each year. Additional fund guidelines can be found at the links below.

Apply for Funding as an Attorney

Please request an application below to apply as an attorney.

Apply for Funding as a Law School Clinic

Please review the guidelines below to apply as a law school clinic.


Read recent news articles and press releases about the Fund.

Law Student Writing Competition

The Fund sponsors an annual writing competition for law school students who produce innovative ideas or original research on reducing gun violence through litigation.

Learn About the Fund

Learn more about the Fund, its purpose, and the types of cases we fund.


Read about upcoming events, including our annual Fund conference.

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“Even as we make major strides through our own impact litigation, we see tremendous untapped potential to advance gun safety through the courts. By making it easier for smaller and mid-size law firms to represent clients with cases that can have a broad impact, we expect this fund to start a new and important chapter in gun violence prevention.”

– Eric Tirschwell, Executive Director and Chief Litigation Counsel, Everytown Law

*Everytown Law is the litigation arm of Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, which is providing the funding for The Fund.