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Louisville Old National Bank Shooting Survivors and Family Members Sue Gun Store

Mitchell, et al. v. River City Firearms, Inc.


Everytown Law partnered with Romanucci & Blandin, LLC, and Thomas Law Offices to file a lawsuit seeking accountability on behalf of survivors and loved ones of those killed in the April 10, 2023, mass shooting at Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky. 

The lawsuit alleges that this horrific act was made possible because River City Firearms ignored obvious warning signs when the shooter entered its store to purchase an assault weapon just six days before the shooting. The lawsuit also alleges that River City upsold the shooter, choosing profits over safety by suggesting that he purchase accessories such as three additional 30-round magazines, a red-dot sight to increase the accuracy of his aim, and a vertical grip for greater control over the weapon. Finally, the lawsuit names the manufacturer of the large-capacity magazines and vertical grip (Magpul Industries) as well as the distributor (RSR Group), alleging that these entities failed to take reasonable precautions to ensure that their products were not sold irresponsibly.

Licensed firearm dealers are the first line of defense in preventing firearms from falling into the wrong hands. When a customer exhibits suspicious behavior, the dealer should err on the side of caution and decline to proceed with the sale. Against the backdrop of a national epidemic of mass shootings committed by troubled young men with AR-15-style rifles, the consequences of ignoring such red flags is foreseeable and tragic.

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