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Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Survivor Shot in the Eye with Ghost Gun Illegally Sold Online by JSD Supply to Minor

Boyd v. Not An LLC d/b/a JSD Supply, et al.


In April 2021, Defendant JSD Supply illegally sold two pistol kits to seventeen-year-old Defendant Kyle Thueme, without ever verifying his age or conducting a background check. Thueme assembled fully functional pistols from JSD’s everything-included kits within minutes, despite having no prior gunsmithing training. Just weeks later, Thueme accidentally shot one of these guns and struck his then-best friend, Guy Boyd–also seventeen at the time–in the right eye. Miraculously, he lived.

The Michigan and Federal law prohibits minors like Thueme from purchasing or possessing a pistol. However, JSD’s unlawful and irresponsible business model allowed Thueme to illegally acquire firearms without coming of age, obtaining a license, or passing a background check.

JSD should have known and did know the risks associated with providing minors access to guns in violation of the law. Still, JSD Supply proudly, publicly, yet falsely advertised that the guns assembled from its kits required no licensing, could be owned completely “off the books,” and required “absolutely no paperwork.” In failing to implement practices that would bar prohibited persons, like minors, from purchasing its products, JSD Supply breached the duties it owed to Boyd and to the public.

The lawsuit was filed by Everytown Law in partnership with Bloch & White and the University of Michigan Law School Civil-Criminal Litigation Clinic.

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