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Case on Behalf of Saugus High School Shooting Survivor Mia Tretta Against Ghost Gun Seller Cleared for Trial

Tretta v. Osman, et al.

Photo Credit: Rita Blackwell from Paws for Life
Photo Credit: Rita Blackwell from Paws for Life

On December 22, 2020, Mia Tretta, through her guardian ad litem Tiffany Shepis-Tretta and with support from Everytown Law, filed suit against the seller responsible for the unlawful sale of a “ghost gun” which resulted in the 2019 Saugus High School shooting. The shooting left two children dead and three others injured, including then fifteen-year-old Plaintiff Mia Tretta. It was carried out using a ghost gun, so called because it lacks serial numbers and is intended to be untraceable by authorities.

This lawsuit alleges that Defendant Terrance J. Osman, who runs a website called 1911 Builders, sells unfinished ghost gun kits easily assembled at home into fully-functioning firearms. The lawsuit further alleges that the defendant illegally and negligently sold a kit to the 16-year-old shooter’s father–who was prohibited from possessing firearms–without taking reasonable measures to ensure that the purchaser was eligible to have a firearm. Through this lawsuit, Plaintiff Mia Tretta seeks to hold the seller of that ghost gun kit, as well as the mother of the Shooter who allowed the weapon to end up in the hands of her juvenile son, accountable for the personal injuries she has suffered.

This case has successfully moved past both the demurrer and motion for summary judgment stage, with the judge rejecting Defendant Osman’s arguments regarding why he and his company cannot be held liable, and ruling that the case can proceed to trial.

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Photo Credit: Rita Blackwell from Paws for Life

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