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Buffalo Mass Shooting Witnesses Sue Gun Industry, Others for Trauma


Buffalo, NY (WaPo) – In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, survivors of last year’s Buffalo mass shooting alleged that members of the gun industry, social media companies and the shooter’s parents facilitated, enabled or failed to prevent the rampage that targeted Black people and killed 10 at a Tops Friendly Markets store. The lawsuit is unusual in that its 16 plaintiffs are seeking compensation for negligence that resulted in psychological trauma, and all are witnesses who were not hit during the massacre.

“This lawsuit extends beyond the wounds that pierce the skin,” said Eric Tirschwell, executive director of Everytown Law, which represents the plaintiffs. “They are also survivors, and this lawsuit aims to establish that their injuries and harms they suffered need to be recognized — just as the harms of those physically injured do.”

More information regarding the specifics of this case can be found here.