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Buffalo Tops Friendly Market Shooting Survivors and Family Members Sue Manufacturer of Gun Lock, Gun Store, Manufacturer of Combat-Style Body Armor, Social Media Companies, and Shooter’s Parents

Jones v. Mean LLC, et al.; Stanfield, et al. v. Mean LLC, et al.


Everytown Law, along with co-counsel, filed two lawsuits seeking accountability and reform on behalf of victims of the racist mass shooting that took place at Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo, New York on May 14, 2022. Plaintiffs include the family of Celestine Chaney, who was murdered in the attack, as well as more than a dozen survivors, all of whom suffered significant trauma as a result of being in the midst of the horrific mass shooting. 

The lawsuits allege that the Shooter was able to obtain the illegal assault weapon he used for his attack as a result of the unlawful and deceptive actions of Mean Arms, the company that manufactured a gun lock that provided a fake veneer of compliance with New York gun laws, and Vintage Firearms, the gun store that sold him the illegal AR-15-style rifle. RMA Armament, the company that equipped the Shooter with combat-grade body armor without reasonable vetting, is also named as a defendant. The lawsuits also allege that social media companies YouTube and Reddit furnished the Shooter with the motivation, knowledge, and guidance he needed to carry out his attack as a result of their websites’ defective design and incendiary algorithmic recommendation systems. Finally, the lawsuits name the Shooter’s parents as defendants and allege that they had the knowledge, ability and responsibility to take action to prevent the attack from happening.

Case Documents

Wayne Jones v. MEAN LLC, et al.

Fragrance Harris Stanfield, et al. v. MEAN LLC, et al.


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