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Michigan Shooting Survivor Sues After Former Friend Shot Him In Face With Ghost Gun


Detroit, MI (Detroit Free Press) — Guy Boyd said he had never heard of a ghost gun — a homemade gun made from parts — until his best friend at the time assembled his own pistol and shot Boyd in the face when they were both 17 in a harrowing incident detailed in a lawsuit Boyd filed Monday. Boyd, in a lawsuit filed in Washtenaw County Circuit Court, sued his former friend and the company accused of illegally selling him ghost gun kits.

Do-it-yourself ghost guns assembled from firearm components generally lack serial numbers, are untraceable by law enforcement and circumvent background check requirements in place for other firearm purchases. The gun violence prevention advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety calls ghost guns “the fastest-growing gun safety problem facing our country.”

More information regarding the specifics of this case can be found here.