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Michigan Teen Who Alleges His Underage Friend Shot Him with a Ghost Gun in 2021 Sues an Online Supplier


Michigan (CNN) – A 19-year-old Michigan man who alleges in a lawsuit his then-best friend shot him in the face in 2021 with a ghost gun is suing the supplier he says illegally sold the underage friend the parts to assemble the weapon.

The lawsuit, filed by Guy Boyd on Monday in Michigan’s Washtenaw County Circuit Court, names Pennsylvania-based JSD Supply and Boyd’s then-best friend for 10 years, Kyle Thueme, as defendants, accusing them both of negligence. The online gun parts retailer, whose kits the lawsuit says can be used to assemble ghost guns, also is accused of engaging in unfair and deceptive trade and marketing practices in violation of Michigan’s Consumer Protection Act.

More information regarding the specifics of this case can be found here.