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Uvalde Victims Sue Gunmaker, Gun Store, and Law Enforcement

Torres, et al. v. Daniel Defense, LLC, et al.; Zamora, et al. v. Daniel Defense, LLC, et al.


Everytown Law has partnered with Texas law firm LM Law Group to file a lawsuit on behalf of the family of Eliahna Torres, a 10-year-old full of laughter and compassion who was tragically murdered in the May 24, 2022 mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas. Eliahna loved TikTok, cats, llamas, and softball. She was taken from this world far too soon. Everytown represents her mother, Sandra, as well as her surviving siblings as they seek to hold the gunmaker, the gun store, and law enforcement officers and agencies accountable for their actions that led to this unfathomable tragedy. In a separate lawsuit, Everytown Law has partnered with the law firms of Romanucci & Blandin and LM Law Group to represent the families of two children who were inside the classrooms and survived.

The lawsuits allege that Daniel Defense’s marketing of the murder weapon was unfair, irresponsible, and illegal, as it specifically courted young, troubled, and violent young men and encouraged them to use their weapons the way U.S. armed forces members are sometimes called to: to engage in offensive combat missions directed at other humans. The lawsuits further allege that the gun store Oasis Outback negligently and illegally sold the murder weapon to the shooter, a person not fit to purchase firearms. Finally, Everytown has sued law enforcement officers and agencies who, in a dereliction of their sworn duty, unconscionably stood outside the classroom for 77 minutes while the shooter terrorized and murdered children and teachers inside.

Case Documents

Sandra Torres et al.

Christina Zamora et al.


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