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Philadelphia Sues Three Area Gun Stores for Facilitating Illegal Gun Trafficking

City of Philadelphia v. WRT Management, Inc. f/k/a Tanner’s Sport Center Inc., et al.


Everytown Law partners with the Philadelphia Law Department and Kramer Levin to sue three Philadelphia-area gun stores tied to over 1300 crime guns recovered by the City.

Philadelphia, PA – Everytown Law is representing the City of Philadelphia in its lawsuit against three area gun dealers: Delia’s Gun Shop, and Frank’s Gun Shop & Shooting Range, and WRT Management, formerly known as Tanner’s Sports Center. The City’s complaint alleges that these stores are responsible for supplying an outsized share of the City’s illegal secondary market for crime guns through repeated facilitation of illegal straw purchases. Publicly available records alone show that, between March 2018 and March 2022, these three dealers collectively sold at least 158 guns to at least 32 straw purchasers. Meanwhile, between 2015 and 2019, law enforcement recovered over 1300 guns sold at these stores at various crime scenes throughout the City. Through this lawsuit, the City hopes to put an end to these stores’ violation of state and federal laws against the facilitation of straw purchases and bring them to account for continuing to undermine the public health and safety of the City and its residents.

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